It’s been a while.

I don’t know what’s made me decide to update the blog today?  It’s raining outside and I can’t get out for a run, I’ll not be going swimming tonight and I haven’t been on my bike since… well, Sunday but it seems like ages.

At the end of last year – after the last run of the year (the Parkrun where all my fantastic friends came to join me in fancy dress) I was a bit sick of running.  I think I’d got to the stage where I had set myself a mile goal and was just doing various events to rack up the miles, not for fun.  The Kielder Marathon sticks out as an especially bad one – from the off, my watch wasn’t working and my ipod ran out not long after.  I remember plodding most of it alone, thinking how easy it would be just to drop out at each checkpoint I passed.  However, at each checkpoint there were also a load of people cheering and clapping, so it made it hard not to be motivated and carry on!

Anyway, I thought that would be it – I’d hang up my trainers.

But it turns out I missed it!  Not necessarily the actual running but more the buzz, the fresh air, the feeling of being healthy, the challenge and the free t-shirts!

So I signed up for the one event that I didn’t manage to complete – the dreaded Kielder Offroad Duathlon.

And I did it.

And I completed it.

And I loved it.

And that was it – the bug was back.

So now this year, whilst it won’t be as extreme as last year, I have signed up for a variety of events;

The Washington Duathlon (run / bike / run);
The Alnwick Harriers Les Alcorn 10k (run);
The Fred Whitton Cycle Sportive (road bike – 112 miles in the lakes passing over all the mountain passes!)
The Clennel Colossus (mountain biking in the Cheviots)
The Virgin Money Cyclone (road bike)
The Chevy Chase (off road running in the Cheviots)
The C2C (biking / drinking with mates!)
The Alnwick Harriers Coastal Run (run)
The Great North Cycle (road bike)
The Peebles Triathlon (swim / bike / run)
The Wooler Wheel (road bike)
The Trail Outlaws Wooler half marathon (off road run)

Any anything else that looks fun!

Here’s to 2017!!


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