The VO2max is done!

image3Oh, what a night.

So I turned up to the Uni pretty oblivious of what was in store.  Tom was there to meet me as my lift arrived to his dimly lit 4th floor office (it was a like a scene from James Bond… “Ah, Mr McAllister – I’ve been expecting you”) and what a nice chap he was.  He explained everything to me in as much detail as I needed – not too much, just enough.  But he left out one simple fact.

He was trying to kill me.

Well he wasn’t, but up there in a fairly deserted 4th floor office he could easily have done so and probably with the industrial strength bleach, dissolved my body.

I should correct myself;  he wasn’t trying to kill me exactly, but by the end of the testing I was fairly sure that I was close to that point.  I hope that the bright light was the LED lighting system.

image1I’ll not go into too much detail, because if you are planning on doing some VO2 and lactate threshold testing then you should go open minded like I did.  That way you’ll enjoy it all the more!

I’d go back tomorrow if I could – it was thoroughly enjoyable, I felt GREAT afterwards and can’t wait for my results!




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