Just Say No

s-l1000If I learned anything from watching TV growing up in the 80’s it was to “Just Say No”.
Look at the pickle that Zammo got himself into.

musclesSo with this piece of advice firmly planted in my head, I’ve always shied away from supplements when I’m a-sportin’. I think I also thought that if I took anything, I’d get mood swings, a little “little Ian” and end up looking like this.

I clearly did what I do best – didn’t bother looking into it properly before making a rash decision.

It was with much trepidation that when my wife suggested I try some supplmements to help with my running I agreed. Will it be a slippery slope? I’ve seen Trainspotting and don’t much fancy that toilet scene (though my friend James and I witnessed very similar at the start of the Bamburgh half marathon back in the Summer).

Angry-Popeye_689But I didn’t get addicted. I haven’t had to rob old women or sell my body to pay for it and it’s helped me no end.  It was like that bit when Popeye gulps his spinach and goes all super strong

By nature, I’m a right old moaner – be it aches, pains or just generally made up stuff that I’ve convinced myself I’ve got (thanks google) – but since having started to use Arbonne Phytosport before and after my running I’ve not only steadily improved my pace and distance, but the post workout bit (when I normally forget to cool down and stretch) has been a dream!

In “professional terms” – ahem – “they contain key ingredients like essential branched chain amino acids, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and botanical extracts to support critical physiological functions that contribute to your best physical performance.

And there’s more!

Supporting and optimising your physical functions with PhytoSport products can help prepare you for action, improve performance and endurance, and speed recovery.

In real terms, I’m faster and less knackered than I was.

Give me a shout if you want to try some – I’ll send you a couple of scoops of mine!

To read more about Phytosport, either give me a shout, click on the images below to open up the product guides or click here.



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