Epson Runsense SF-810 Testing

So here’s a strange one. One day flicking mindlessly through Twitter (which is the only way to actually flick through Twitter) I saw that Epson were looking for 100 people in the UK (300 worldwide) to test their new running watch and post reviews.  In return they got to keep the watch afterwards.  “Might as well give it a go” I thought.

And would you believe it, I went and got chosen! I would like to put it down to my witty application and handsome face but in reality I suspect it’s because I’ve organised to do so many events and in such stunning surroundings that they thought the video reviews would be good.

So  it’s probably with slight disappointment that the first review is from running round the streets of Essex then sitting in me ma’s front room! I was away for the weekend you see…..

Not to worry, the next review is from a night run through the woods so that will hopefully be more adventurous!



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