60% Freezing / 40% Mind Games

So yesterday I did the much anticipated, postponed Winter off road duathlon at Kielder Forest and by flippety jibbets, it was cold.  And much harder than I thought.

The plan was for an 8k run, 20k off road mountain bike then a 6k run.

The first run went fine – enjoyable even!  And the start of the bike ride was fine, nicely up and down pretty decent hills on Forestry Tracks (gravel mainly).  But then the proper off road bit kicked in – single track mountain bike track with “gnarly” (I presume that’s what that means) descents.  So much so that one bloke I saw got a puncture from going down it too hard and fast.

Me, on the other hand, had never been on a proper mountain bike track.  And I’d taken my old mountain bike (I think £45 new about 10 years ago).  Neither me nor the bike were fit for purpose.

I’ve never clung onto my brakes so hard with such little impact.  To the point where I did (what I’ve been reliable informed is called) an Endo extremely closely to a stream and log pile.

So after about an hour and half of this slow paced madness a bike I’d lost feeling in my feet, legs and hands and I think my mind was made up.  I wasn’t going to do the final run.

Fitness and stamina wise I could have, and in hindsight if I’d have stamped my feet and rubbed my hands then I would probably have got enough feeling back to have done it.  But my mind was made up.

And this is why I didn’t do the final 6k run, sulked the whole way home, slept awfully last night and still have the grumps.

I realise now that I not only need to train my body to compete in the events but I also need to train my mind.  And not to do anything off-road on a mountain bike again.






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