The best things come in small packages. 

I’m ….. How do they phrase it…. vertically challenged?  Always have been and I presume always will be. Still, we’re all the same when we’re laying down eh?

At school I was the smallest chap and in my circle of friends I’m not far off.

I’ve heard it all; best things come in small packages? It’s not the size, it’s the quality?

But it only dawned on me today how I should be listening to this. 

I went for a lunchtime run – just under 4 miles. I berated myself a bit for only doing 4 miles but then I stopped and thought a bit. Well, I didn’t actually stop – I wasn’t back at the office yet.

Of the 4 miles I ran, about 3 of them were uphill. And quite a steep uphill  too. I apparently elevated over 700ft according to strava!

So all in all, I have decided – a 4 mile hilly run is of more benefit than a 6 mile flat one. Plus, a 4 mile anything run is better than sitting at my desk looking at rubbish online.

Smug points for the day well and truly earned! 



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