Oh, what to wear?

For those of you that have ever gone out for an evening with a lady, you’ll know what it’s like waiting while they choose what to wear. On this I shall say no more (Wifey might be reading).

However, winter running has been causing me a dilemma. I don’t want to be too cold, but likewise I don’t want to overheat 3 miles down the road and end up tying all manner of things round my waist.

My brace of sister-in-laws bought me a nifty lightweight jacket for my birthday with removable sleeves which is great. But I always struggle with layers – long sleeve only, short sleeve over the top or does it go under? Hat and gloves always yes, but what hat? The thermal one or the skull cap that makes my ears stick out?

In honesty, by the time I’ve gone through this ritual I’m generally warm enough to go out naked in a blizzard, so it’s fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things!


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