Ian McAllister

Mid-life crisis or lightbulb moment?

I’ve never been particularly sporty.  I dipped my toe into running BC (before children) but the man who ran the club told me off for going too slow once and I never went back.  Poor fella was just doing his job at trying to motivate me, but clearly hadn’t chosen his audience too well.  Bear a grudge?  Me?  Never……

In 2014 my mate Stacey did the Great North Run and we met him at the finish line.  And I got jealous.   Jealous of the atmosphere, his new finishing T-Shirt and the fact that he was then entitled to be smug all day about it.  So I entered.  And got in.  And did it.  And didn’t collapse.

So I thought “in for a penny, in for a pound” and got a little bit obsessed with entering things.

In 2016 I ran over 1300 miles, 400odd of which were in organised events.  And during this process I raised quite a bit of dosh for the Newcastle Hospitals Child Bereavement Unit.

At the end of 2016 I said that was it, running’s over for me.

But it turns out it’s a bit of a bug.

However this year, instead of just running a lot I’m also cycling a lot too.  And swimming a bit.  And I’ll try to blog a bit too.


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